Degreaser and Deodorant Natural Citrus & Soy

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  • Sizes available: 20 oz. can, 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum
  • Currently not VOC compliant as GP Degreaser, Bug & Tar Remover, or Adhesive Remover in CA. Starting 1/1/2014 will not be compliant in OTC & LADCO if not reformulated. Also sold as Drain Maintainer product (not regulated for VOC content)
  • The Safest Alternative to Using Chlorinated Solvents for Degreasing Metal Surfaces
  • Heavy Flushing Action Quickly Dissolves and Removes Grease, Grime and Oil
  • High Pressure Spray Penetrates, Loosens and Lifts Contaminants Away
  • Parts can Air Dry Leaving Negligible Residue, or be Rinsed with Water
  • No Chlorinated Solvents - No Petroleum Distillates - Mild Citrus Odor
  • All Natural Ingredients, Environmentally Safe and Biodegradable
  • No Toxic Fumes - Non-acid - Non-caustic - Non-corrosive
  • Use On: Garbage Cans And Trucks, Dumpsters, Concrete, Masonry, Road, Farm and Construction Equipment
Size 20 oz. can
Net Weight 16 oz.
Units/Pack 12 cans

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Degreaser and Deodorant Natural Citrus